Vultures move Rowe to Knights for 2nd

  • By Aaron Liang, Day 121, 2022

PHOENIX - In a minor move near the very end of the 2022 trading deadline, the Phoenix Vultures traded swingman Savonte Rowe to the Kansas City Knights for their 2025 second round draft pick.

Rowe, a 22yo 6'5 swingman the Vultures had acquired the season prior, had been out of the rotation and never been able to showcase his rumoured potential. In a career high 16 minutes earlier this season, Rowe put up 10 points and 4 rebounds in a win against the Vipers.

Vults fans reacts positively to the trade at the end of the trade deadline, common sentiment being that the 2nd rounder would push the team over the top and to the championship in 2022.

"Yeah baby! We got this now!!", commented fan WeFormLikeVultron on the team's official website.