345 Days in the Desert (Baltimore Sun)

  • By Andrew Taylor, Day 121, 2022

345 Days in the Desert
By Skip ‘Hack’ Morrissey
Baltimore Sun

When I last sat down with the Bullets GM Andrew Taylor, best known around the league as Bedouin, the 2021 season was just days away. In a long interview we touched upon his reasons for leaving the Scorpions, his enthusiasm about his new opportunity in Baltimore and the dozen or more trades he had completed that offseason as he constructed the Bullets opening night roster. To my eyes and ears, he was highly engaged with the task at hand and quietly confident that the Bullets would exceed expectations in their inaugural season.

Since that interview Bedouin has completed 10 trades, drafted 2 players, navigated 1 offseason but most concerningly has provided the media with 0 availability. He’s fulfilled his league obligations with some mock draft articles and a few podcasts, but apart from a few short statements following trades he has not answered any questions about the team in more than a season and a half.

With each trade the team completed last season the press release promised that Bedouin would make himself available to the media shortly. And because of his long-standing reputation as a media friendly GM we kept waiting. Now it’s clear to see that we got played for fools. Shame on us.

Part of our job is to report the day to day operations of the team. What was the result of today’s game? Who did well, who played poorly? Who got traded in, who got traded out? You know, the basics. But as a local reporter on a specific beat I also view it as my responsibility to serve as a megaphone for the fans. To voice their concerns to power, to get them the answers to their questions.

And over the past season and a half I think myself and my colleagues have failed in that responsibility. Because the average Baltimore fan has lots of questions. Why did we trade away native son Jamar Strickland after an encouraging first season? Why have we slid back to the bottom of the standings? Is the team tanking? What’s the plan?

To our inattentive Gm I say this. If you’re afraid to face the fans you shouldn’t be. The Baltimore fanbase is a smart group. For years they were fans of the league, fans without a team to call their own. They know how the it all works. They understand windows, they understand that team success will ebb and flow. They know Rome wasn’t built in a day. And despite the poor product on the court this season they keep coming to the games.

Talk to us, hell take to twitter and talk to them directly. Either way explain yourself, let them know the plan. Treat them with the respect they deserve. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.