Tritons trade JJ Harris and 2nd rounder for Devin Roberts from Skyhawks

  • By Reggie Cross, Day 121, 2022


The Tritons made another trade to shore up their size in the post by trading JJ Harris and their 2024 2nd round pick from the Rockets for Devin Roberts from the St. Louis Skyhawks. While not playing significant minutes in his time with the Skyhawks, he provides the Tritons with veteran post defense and rebounding.

With the acquisition of Alonzo Traylor, Harris had also seen his minutes decline after filling in for Simon Hartford. JJ Harris started 11 games for the Tritons in the current 2022 season.

Tritons GM Reggie Cross:

“JJ Harris was a part of our success backing up Marcus all year, however, we felt we just needed another veteran big body to handle the post defense in the upcoming push for the playoffs. We know there’s a lot of big moves being made out there, but we feel that this move will help our team just as much by adding more depth.”