Devils land a new head coach by poaching from the Kings

  • By Ed Latham, Day 1, 2020

Former JBL star, Rich Gannon did not have to work very long at being an assistant coach before teams started approaching him for a head coaching position.

"The Devils are very happy to have Rich joining our organization. He has always been about winning games as a player and he has all the attributes to help our team do what is needed to win in this league." The Devils GM went on to share that at least one other team was interested in Gannon as a head coach. "When you are as talented as Gannon is, it will not take long for others to come a knocking. I am very happy we knocked loud enough to get him here."

The Devils had to pay the Kings $500,000 per league rules to compensate the team for their loss.

With Gannon on board, many fans and office staff are curious who he will bring in as his assistants because the team still needs to fill two positions in it's coaching staff.

As one of the Head coaches with the least amount of coaching experience in the league, the Devils may strike gold with this bold move or may be risking much in a failed experiment. One thing is for sure, Devils fans have much to talk about with this new GM and the choices he is making.