Los Angeles Acquire Eyles + Young, Deals Staff and Co.

  • By Jron Magcale, Day 121, 2022

LOS ANGELES - Less than 24 hours after HP was dealt to New Orleans, the Fireballs struck another deal that sent 2020 Playoff hero Colin Stafford to Austin Rockets along with spark plug PG Cassius Tyson, veteran PF Jamarcus Norwood and a trio of 2nd round picks (2023 via Jaguars and 2025 via Scorpions and Fireballs) in exchange for veterans with championsip pedigree in pivot Orien Young and wing Lorenzen Eyles. The move will basically keep the Fireballs still competitive while looking for the future.

"With the HP deal we have the window to make another move but it costs us Staff and Cash Money. It is a necessary move to try and still be competitive this season while looking ahead for the future." GM Jron said about the trade.

It has been known that GM Jron has been in the phones with several GMs for what has been a shift in direction regarding the franchise. Young will fill the role that Stafford vacated and Eyles will probably share the minutes with young wing Garret Cue.

Staff has been a beloved figure in Los Angeles and it was quite a shock that he got dealt nearing the tailend of his illustrous career. After this season his contract will end but he has the power to re-sign for 1 more year via player option, sign elsewhere or call it quits. At 36 Staff has lost step significantly but is still a very capable post presence. Cassius "Cash Money" Tyson has shown some flashes of his scoring and playmaking ability and could benifit learning from one of the best PGs in the league in Rubin Wingfield.

The move will be viewed as a play for the future as both Young and Eyles contract expires after this season opening up some cap space to add some new faces in LA.

Asked if GM Jron is done wheeling and dealing, the charismatic GM just smiled and answered "Well 48 hours ago, I didn't have plans to trade and we have until after the break before deadline closes. If it makes sense then we'll at least look into it."