Mexico City Jaguars trade announcement

  • By Paul Grant, Day 121, 2022

MEXICO CITY - In a statement to a small media gathering GM Grant announced that the Jags have traded away Charles, Burke and Anderton.
He explained that Charles and Burke performed at every opportunity given to them but unfortunately those opportunities weren't enough for the talented pair as they where competing for minutes with a team saturated with SF/SG talent.
GM Grant wished all players the best and hoped they get the minutes the deserve.
Bringing in veteran players Cedric Freeman who will get minutes at PF and Burrell who will hopefully find his range from deep.
Both players will get plenty of opportunity to show the coaching staff their talents while the Jags make their playoff run.
He quickly added that getting another projected lottery pick doesn't hurt.
GM Grant has once again proved that he's a players manager, sacrificing a little bit for the good of young talented players.