Marcus Wright's time in St Louis comes to an end

  • By Joe Weber, Day 121, 2022


Rumors have been flowing all month about Skyhawks forward Marcus Wright being shipped off for some value and today it came true. The Skyhawks, who have never been able to climb out of a hole this entire season, seem to have tossed in the towel. Wright, who at 34 is still playing at a high level, was clearly not going to stay with the Skyhawks who are in youth mode right now. The trade hopes to give the Jailbirds that last piece to get the the East Finals or more.

In return, the Skyhawks received the Jailbirds 2023 1st Round pick and 2024 2nd Round Pick, as well as Lucas White, Kyle Vanderpool, and Justin Rooks.

GM W7 said that he wanted to get some value out of Wright who he had no intentions of signing this off season, and wanted to give him a shot at a ring.

"He never really got with the 'Hawks despite playing next to Rashard [Stevens] and other talent over the years. We have to stick with our plan to get a little younger and build around Mark Hunter. This will open up more time for Trey Astbury also. We love Marcus. He was the ultimate leader, and team player. He will have a few more good years the way he takes care of himself."

The Skyhawks then announced that Vanderpool and Rooks would be been waived.