Mustangs Deal LaGarde for Clarke

  • By Joel Steelman, Day 119, 2022

DETROIT - A year and a half after welcoming Pace LaGarde home to Motown, the Detroit Mustangs have moved him east to Chicago in a deal that sends Chicago's Dameon Clarke and Chicago's 2023 2nd round pick back to Detroit.

It's an odd decision after having just resigned LaGarde, and one can't help but wonder if the move is meant to facilitate the addition of Sowder during the offseason as per league rumors. WDET's own Chris Jenkins caught up with GM Joel Steelman for comment, who in contrast to the trio rumor, was said to be shopping Vaughn around.

Jenkins: "Joel, what are your comments on this trade being for the sole purpose of trying to attract Sowder?"

Joel: "I have no comment on future transactions or signings. We've noticed a lack of performance at the PF position on our team, and given our current standings felt a move should be made"

Jenkins: "Does that mean Hassan Bundu's time may be limited at Detroit?"

Joel: "Once again, no comment on future transactions. However, with the addition of Clarke and departure of LaGarde, Bundu will be spending some time at the SF position to evaluate his ability as a defensive asset."

Jenkins: "Interesting. Juwan Voss has been seen working with LarGarde individually at practices. How do you think Voss will take the departure of his mentor?"

Joel: "It's tough to move on, sometimes, but they're both professionals. I hope Voss has learned from LaGarde's game, though."

Jenkins: "Does this mean Voss will be starting, then?"

Joel: "We still have many options, including Vaughn, Bundu, Rashaw, and Voss to play SF. We will miss the the chemistry Pace brought, but there are plenty of players who can step up."

Jenkins: "I have to go catch a flight, any final comments?"

Joel: "I really hate to see LaGarde go, but in the end, I think the decision is right. He brought great energy to the team, and I wish him luck in the future. He'll be a great player wherever he goes."