Blizzards hire new GM

  • By -, Day 98, 2022

MINNEAPOLIS - On the advise of others Billy came to check out the JBL and he left with something he didn't expect.

A new job.

After another familiar loss this season this time at the hands of the Chicago Jailbirds, Billy was invited to tour the facilities after game and got excited when talking to the commissioner about the vacant GM position in Minneapolis. He was hesitant to commit early because initially he just wanted to check the league out and enjoy the rest of the season but his mind started to tick over and next minute he was signed up.

Now that the holidays are over the work will begin and already the general manager has had to squash rumors about hot commodity Deleon Slay. Not just Slay, but the rest of the roster will more than likely stay intact as the GM gets his head around the leagues players and decides on a direction for the team. In the short future, the blizzards will focus most of their efforts on scouting upcoming prospects with their likely low pick. The only changes initially will be to the depth chart as Billy looks to test out this young group and what they can bring for the future.