Crusaders GM Trash Talks Bullets ahead of Big Game

  • By Hamish Jones, Day 80, 2022

Boston Crusaders GM Hamish “Hammer” Jones must have had a few wines at lunch today as he teed off on the Bullets and their GM ahead of their big game tomorrow.

“Look at his list,” Jones said, “who’s he got? Who?”

“We’ve got Harrell,” crowed Jones, “who’s probably the best player in the League at the moment. Who have the Bullets got? No one.”

When pressed on the fact that the Bullets had won their last 3 whilst the Crusaders had lost 8 of their last 9 Jones became argumentative.

“What are you talking about?” he screamed. “We won yesterday. We smashed the Rockets. Harrell’s on fire. Northwood’s having his greatest season. You should bet the house on it.”

“Actually, don’t print that, I definitely didn’t mean that. I certainly don’t bet on JBLFL games.”

Players and Officials are not supposed to bet on Games.

It’s unclear as to whether GM Jones will face investigation and sanctions.