Jacks GM to Refs: "Call the game, not the names"

  • By Tim Wallis, Day 59, 2022

PORTLAND - Portland's General Manager has lashed out at the referees following a loss in New Orleans that saw the visitors shoot just 10 free throws to the home team's 32. Four of the Jacks' starters didn't shoot a single free throw, despite averaging 11 per game between them so far this season.

"You had a young guy out there tonight going up against a couple of household names and doing a damn good job of it," spat GM Wallis in the post-game press conference. "I think they [the referees] were a bit too conscious of what was on the players' backs. Cat [2nd year big man Dorian Sylvester who had 20pts, 12reb and 6blk before fouling out] didn't give an inch out there but it seemed like there was a different interpretation of the rules at each end of the court. You've got Hawk and Deonte getting smashed on drives, Akieem with two guys hanging off him in the post...no call. Then we go the other way and Cat's whistled for breathing on them. It might sound like sour grapes after getting beaten by 19, but it was single digits in the last 10 minutes. 22 extra free throws made a difference. Put us on the line when we should have been and that's a completely different last period."

The Portland players seemed no less frustrated during the game with both veteran power forward Cedric Freeman and rookie wing Jerrell Newman receiving technical fouls after reacting to dubious foul calls. A source within the Lumberjacks reports that Wallis will re-imburse both players for the fines imposed by the league, in addition to his own imminent fine.