Hartford Louisville Bound; Oakland Nabbed Donlon, Hayes

  • By -, Day 44, 2022


GM Jae Robinson told the reporters that "The deal has been in talks since the offseason and we just revisited it and found a common ground."

The trade is a shocker given the age and the contract of PF Simon Hartford but it seems like the upside of the trade for the financial stand point and the future 1st round gives them the option to make moves in 2025 when Hartford's contract is up.

Hayes has been in the block since last season, giving up Jack Donlon is a necessary evil that GM Jae Robinson has to make to upgrade talent now and compete in their division. At 8-11 they are well within striking distance of a possible playoff spot in the East.

The frontcourt tandem of Hartford and Croyle can be a defensive upside for the tall Colonels but they are now thin at PG with only Monroe, troubled guard Kidd and now Seth Knar. Although we have seen Uman Akele spend time at the point and recently injured Wilkinson has point potential too.

Trade details below:

Colonels Received PF Simon Hartford, PG Seth Knar and 2025 1st Round Pick sends C Rahsaan Hayes, PG Jack Donlon, SG Aaron Gayle, 2024 2nd Round Pick and 2025 2nd Round Pick