Devils release head coach, Eric Bradley in surprising move

  • By Ed Latham, Day 1, 2020

In a move that shocked many around Atlanta, Ohgeer, the GM of the Devils announced that long time coach Eric Bradley has been released.

"Eric has done much good work for this organization for a good number of years." Ohgeer shared in his announcement. "In meeting everyone in the organization and looking at our team needs, it was decided that we needed some changes in the direction we were going in to be able to contend with teams in our division."

One reporter almost had his head bit off when he asked the GM, "Didn't your team just make the playoffs last year? Don't you think this move could be rocking the boat?"

"Look! I do what is best for this team to win games. I'm not into favorites, I expect everyone around here to do their job. If I have data that the job is not being done, I have the responsibility to do something about it. We don't live in the past and this team is about winning this year!"

With that Ohgeer abruptly left the room. He did not respond to one reporter who asked how the organization planned to address the fact that the team now has no coaches under contract.

The complete cleaning out of the coaching staff has some players wondering if their roles or positions on the team are secure. Other players welcome the move and feel that this GM is doing what needs to be done and hopes that more success is coming this season.

Meanwhile the rest of the league will have to wait to see what the Devils do now to fill up their completely empty coaching staff.