Hurricanes GM talks to the press

  • By Tim McManus, Day 1, 2022

It has been a quiet off-season for the Hurricanes. After making the playoffs for the first time in team history and failing to win a game, fans were expecting a more active off-season. But instead the team mostly stood pat and addressed some of their needs in the draft and minor signings in free agency.

Members of the press caught up with GM Tim McM for a brief Q&A about the state of the team.

Pat from New Orleans Gazette: "Thank you for taking the time to talk to us today. Can you tell us the reasoning behind the firing of Terrence Foster after 2 relatively successful seasons guiding the Hurricanes?"

Tim: "Yes Pat, first I have to say that parting ways with coach Foster was perhaps the hardest decision I've had to make. What it boiled down to was a difference in philosophies. We were the worst 3 pt shooting team in the league the last 2 seasons and with the way the team is constructed that wasn't going to change this season. After sitting down with coach Foster at the end of the season it became apparent that he was reluctant to make the changes he needed to make from a system standpoint so I decided to make the change"

Pat: "Were there any thoughts to bringing in players that fit the 3 point system better instead of making a coaching change?"

Tim: "Sure, but in order for that to happen a minor or possibly a major rebuild would have to occur and I feel we are a playoff team so I don't think a rebuild is in needed."

Jeff from ESPN: "Tim, there are rumors that Tyson Kuberka was very unhappy with the coaching change and could possibly resort back to his unruly days with Mexico City. Do you have any concerns over these rumors?"

Tim: "Jeff, which of these is worth more (Tim picks up a sheet of paper and waves it) this worthless piece of paper or idiotic rumors from un-named sources? The correct answer is this worthless piece of paper! Tyson is a professional ballplayer getting paid lots of money to do a job. He has been a model citizen while with the Hurricanes and I expect that to continue. So to answer the question ... No I do not have any concerns"

Pat: "You were quite in the draft and free agency, what were your objectives for each and were they accomplished?"

Tim: "Well Pat, we knew that we needed to get better defensively so that hopefully was addressed during the draft. Along with giving us added depth behind Bowen and Pierce, Xavier Maxwell and Jarron Gaston both put up above average defensive numbers in college and if that translates in the pros we will be happy with the draft. In free agency we weren't in a position to look at any of the higher tier free agents. We were able to bring back Will Holiday for depth at SF/SG and signed un-drafted SF Wesley Smith. All in all we were satisfied with the players we got."

Jeff: "What are your expectations for this season?"

Tim: "We have improved each of the last 2 seasons, from just having a winning record for the first time to making the playoffs last season. While disappointing not to win a game after we got there we still felt a sense of accomplishment. The goal each season is to compete for a championship, but being realistic this season the goal is to win a series in the playoffs and see what happens from there."

Tim: "Thank you gentlemen but the season starts today and I have to get back to work"