Mustangs Welcome Back Woodberry

  • By Joel Steelman, Day 1, 2020

DETROIT - The Mustangs have reached out to a familiar face in Keith Woodberry to add depth in the guard spots after parting ways with Cedric Bell. Woodberry, a natural distributor, is expected to give quality minutes on the court while giving Vickery a breather and even add some time at SG.

When Woodberry was drafted by Joel in 2010, he ended up featuring in a small lineup with fellow PG Brent Arthurs. Both guards ended up playing over 35mpg that season. When asked if Vickery and Woodberry could attempt to replicate that offense, Joel commented saying, “The thought of running a dual point again has entered my mind, but it was a little different in 2010. Arthurs had a bit more size than Vickery has and I feel it would not be viable as a main tactic this time around. I’m not saying it will never be run, but I think the small lineup this year will be very niche. That being said, having a small option of Vaughn-Woodberry-Vickery for a quick bucket excites me.”