Shane Jackson Excited About Depth Added by Cousins and Okeke

  • By Hamish Jones, Day 1, 2022

BOSTON - The Crusaders made a number of changes to their squad over the off-season but there were two in particular that were most discussed by fans on social media channels - two FA picks that created the most buzz. Fans were excited and intrigued to hear about Derek Cousins and Georgi Okeke.

“Cousins is very professional,” said Jackson, “and we feel he’ll have a positive impact on our Club immediately. He adds important depth at PG and we feel he can work hand in hand with Harrell allowing us to dominate the PG position.”

The Assistants were just as impressed. “He’s fit right in,” said Johnson, “and all of the team are getting on with him.”

Okeke was undrafted but did impress the Crusaders whilst they were Scouting.

“We did think about picking him up,” Coach Jackson said, “he has a lot of raw talent whilst also being a decent post defender. We were very happy to be able to pick him up during the FA period and were happy to give him an extended contract as we believe he’s already ready to start and it’s all upside for his future.”

GM Jones is looking forward to seeing how the Crusaders do during Training Camp. “After our first full season we’re looking towards the future,” said Jones “and we’re sure the Squad will gel well during the Camp. The future is bright for the Crusaders.”