Los Angeles Re-acquire Garrett Cue Sends Veteran Rickey D to Vegas

  • By Jron Magcale, Day 1, 2022

LOS ANGELES - "The problem that we see is we lack of significant depth and that is the principle of the trade that we have made with the Scorpions." GM Jron said on a press conference regarding the trade announcement.

The Fireballs who were able to keep their own Free Agents got them gasping for cap space. It is no secret that ever since the offseason started the front office has been actively shopping veteran G Rickey Douglas in hopes to cut some significant cap space going into the season. The team is also looking for depth as one of their key bench performers signed elsewhere (Ty Davidson signed with the Barons). So, when the opportunity to address both situations arrived, the front office didn't hesitate to work the books.

The trade essentially sent G Rickey Douglas and the 2023 1st Round Draft Pick for F Garret Cue, G Cassius Tyson, C/F Asa Atkins, 2023 2nd Round Pick from Mexico City and 2025 2nd Round Pick from Las Vegas.

The move gave Los Angeles Fireballs some significant depth in the wings with the re-acquisition of wing Garrett Cue (selected 25th pick overall, 2021), an intriguing spark plug in PG Cassius Tyson and rookie C/F Asa Atkins who was the Scorpions 2nd Round selection. This move saw the Fireballs again moving their 1st round pick to the Scorpions (which they did last season when they acquired HP) but the surprise is that all players they acquired aren't veterans whom are in their 30s rather than they acquired players who are all not older than 21 years of age.

"Well, we are just trying to prepare ourselves down the line, acquiring such young players isn't really our style but we just want to steer in another direction moving forward. Our goal remains to be a contender in the West which is a very hard feat by itself but hopefully, with a healthy season we can again make a post-season appearance." GM Jron added.

"We thank Rickey D for helping us when he arrived, he is always quite the professional and he'll for sure help the folks at Las Vegas. We again welcome G-Cue to the team and same goes to Cash (Tyson) and Asa, we hope that they'll develop quite nicely in LA." GM Jron ended.

With this trade, the Fireballs now have depth that can contribute. Will be interesting to see Cassius Tyson and TJ Holloway battle it out for the back up PG minutes but seeing that they now have a gap at the back up SG position, it is safe to say that TJ might find some minutes at the 2, Asa Atkins will join Evan Dupont and OG Adebayo to be developmental bigs.

Projected Starting Lineup/Backup

PG - Chris LaCruz/Cassius Tyson
SG - HP/TJ Holloway
SF - iMac/Garret Cue
PF - Colin Stafford/Jamarcus Norwood
C - Keemar Campbell/Evan Dupont