Something Afoot In Portland

  • By Tim Wallis, Day 1, 2022

PORTLAND - With 16 players under contract, the Portland Lumberjacks were thought to be done for the off-season, with a training camp battle between 6th year guard Paul Rhodes and 2nd year G/F Marcus Benton seemingly the only matter left to be resolved.

However, our sources indicate that the Jacks are still actively offering contracts to free agents, suggesting that the team will be sending out a package of players and opening up more roster spots. While Rhodes and Benton have known for some time that their futures in Portland were not guaranteed, there have been reports that center Janev Ciszkiwicx was called in to a meeting with the coach and GM late last night.

While the players and coaches appear to be fully aware of the details of the trade, they remain tight-lipped, leaving the rest of us to wait for the conclusion of the free agency period.