GM unloads on Traylor as he leaves Crusaders

  • By Hamish Jones, Day 1, 2022

BOSTON - Crusaders GM Hamish Jones has pulled no punches in sharing his thoughts on Alonzo Traylor with him leaving the Crusaders after one season.

“We invited Alonzo to join us in our first season hoping he would play a Mentor role with some of our younger players,” said Jones, “and despite some tantrums in the locker room we felt he’d done enough to be offered a contract extension.”

“It’s disappointing to see that Alonzo didn’t feel he should repay the faith shown him by our Coaching Staff,” said Jones, “and it appears his emotional tendencies on Court have translated into ungrateful decisions off Court.”

Traylor was never really popular with Crusaders fans and won’t be missed.