Training Camp Ready: Colonels Complete Roster Early

  • By -, Day 1, 2022

LOUISVILLE - A look Louisville Colonels' new additions coming to training camp from the draft to free agency.

SG Trendon Knox (via 2022 Draft 4th Overall, 1st Round) - Arguably one of the best players in the draft after a stellar 2021 college campaign where he lead the Arizona Wildcats to the national championship. Trendon Knox will help out immediately as the Colonels was missing a reliable perimeter scorer in their debut last season. He will be paired with last year's all-rookie 1st team member Uman Akele as a dangerous wing duo, Knox will benefit on Akele's passing assuming he can get into position to score. Defensively his length will surely be an asset although he still needs to improve in that facet of his game.

SG Jamal Wilkinson (via Free Agency signed for 2 years total of $24M - $12M per year) - Colonels went hard on addressing that perimeter issue by signing SG Jamal Wilkinson whom ironically is the same measurements as Trendon Knox (6'5" with 6'10" WS), who same as Knox is a perimeter threat, this is an intriguing signing as media speculates that this will be a position battle for the starting SG spot, but the team cleared the air by committing on the younger wing to start and Wilkinson will be the key scorer off-the bench. Whether this will be a role that Wilkinson will be ok with remains a question.

PG Jared Monroe (via Free Agency signed for $8M - $4M per year) - Another veteran pick up for the team that would most likely be candidate to back up PG Jack Donlon, Monroe also has almost identical in size with the younger Donlon both are 6'5", Monroe weighing at 196 while Donlon at 190. This might mean that the team values size, Monroe is a decent 3&D Initiator guard which will help out keeping the pace when the younger Donlon subs out. This signing means that veteran Sebastian Kidd might be on his way out of Louisville, as his minutes will significantly decrease if the writings on the wall is the basis.

Overall, the team fills the gap of the team during the draft and free agency. The team hopes to improve from their rookie campaign and build from there.