2020 Draft Recap: Who fits best?

1. Alonzo Weaver (Philadelphia Warriors)

Philly went for the obvious and picked #1 prospect Weaver. Can''t wait to see him on the JBL courts. He feels like he''s in the mould of Flye Garnett but he''s far more raw. Likely to start straight away for the struggling Warriors, most likely as a small ball PF.

2. Vionte Houston (Toronto Huskies)

Good pick from the Huskies who needed a scoring guard. Ruben Wingate could be on his way out.

3. Sasha Vidmar (Phoenix Vultures)

Vidmar is a fantastic pick for the Vultures who needed a bit of everything, which Vidmar provides. Unlikely to start straight away, but if the Vultures continue to struggle he could see extended court time in his rookie year. Kid needs to pack on some weight but he should be able to learn the ropes from Ben Winder.

4. Jamaal Adams (Mexico City Jaguars)
5. Kahlil Hooker (Mexico City Jaguars)

MXC were one of the big winners of draft day, picking up two of the most JBL ready prospects. Neither are likely to start straight away, but the Jaguars may be planning for a life without Drayton Banks. Hooker has the talent and size to excel in the league. Somewhat ironically, Adams looks like a player of the Tyson Kuberka mould. Ashley Winters should be re-signed, but Kendrick Lee is likely gone.

6. Aaron Rowland (Seattle Thunder)

Seattle needed a scorer from the small forward position, and despite rumours that they will be chasing Cincinnati''s Pace LaGarde, it seems that they have settled on their rookies for 2020. Rowland should be able to provide a good foil for Andre Phifer off the bench to begin his career.

7. Hassan Bundu (Detroit Mustangs)

An interesting pick by Detroit and one which could prove to be a steal. Despite his undersized/tweener position, Bundu looks like he''ll be able to contribute to the Mustangs straight away. With rumours Curtis Westley will be leaving, he could see extended court time at both the 3 and 4.

8. Deangelo Tarver (Seattle Thunder (via Cincinnati Kings))

Along with Rowland, the Thunder picked up what they are hoping will turn out to be their point guard of the future. This team is going to run and run this year (Taz Mills likely on his way out?) and Tarver will be an exciting addition, probably supplanting Danny Keyes as the main backup.

9. Kai Navigato (Houston Lightning)

This Lightning team is becoming a real fan favourite of casual JBL fans as they assemble a cast of exciting young players. Navigato is a solid defender already and will join Derrick Griffin to form a formidable defensive wing lineup. His offense needs to develop before he becomes a real threat however.

10. Trey Astbury (St Louis Skyhawks)

Astbury went higher than most mocks given he is undersized, but the big St Louis team may be able to cover his size issues. Probably one of the most talented players in the draft, has the strength and character to succeed in the pros.

11. Xavier Turner (Cincinnati Kings (via Thunder))

Cincinnati may have reached here for Turner, who is an aggressive scorer but doesn''t have the quickness or defensive capability that he will need in the pros. Kings likely to look at filling the gap if Pace leaves, but there may have been other options on the board.

12. Rasheed Stone (Chicago Jailbirds)

This could go down as a steal. Stone, despite his fairly average stats, has one of those ''JBL ready'' body sizes that you just can''t teach. Super raw but he will provide excellent rim protection for the Jailbirds. I wouldn''t be surprised to see him start some games later in the season once he gets used to the pace of the next level.

13. Ivan Vujosevic (Atlanta Devils)

Atlanta just lost their stalwart Levall Colter who retired after 17 years with the Devils (a one team player -- extremely rare these days). Vujosevic will look to step in and plug that hole on the bench. Unlike Colter, Vujo can shoot like most Europeans, so may help extend the

14. Kierall Richardson (Cincinnati Kings (from Fireballs via Thunder via Warriors))

The Kings have decided to go for all out offense this draft combining Richardson with Turner. Slightly undersized at the 2 and his ceiling is probably lower than some of the others above him but he could be a solid pro.

15. Emmanuel Mejia (Austin Rockets)

As the Rockets prepare to possibly say goodbye to Reggie Goodwin (the Shandon James contract coming back to bite them now), Mejia may be able to fill that hole, although he certainly won''t give the size advantage that they now enjoy with Goodwin. Mejia needs to develop his three ball if he is going to succeed at this team, given how many dump outs he''s going to get from Kaiama Nyambi.

16. Obinna Holden (Nashville Stars)

Holden will likely play the 4 spot at the Stars, who are looking at the possibility of losing Tyree Chappell. Decent defender and rebounder, Holden needs a strength acquisition to really mix it up but he''s young and will develop this.

17. Cassius Tyson (Warriors (from Thunder via Knights))

In previous years a player averaging 36ppg would have gone top 3, no questions asked. However, none of those players were 5''8. Tyson is going to be such an intriguing prospects given his mercurial scoring ability, but he''s not going to get the easy shots he got at Iona. Will have to work on his playmaking, passing and floater (he''s not going to get 8 layups a game like he did at college), but I really like this pick from the Warriors as it gives them a scoring boost off the bench.

18. Isaac Foster (Warriors (from Warriors via Thunder via Tritons))

Not sure about this pick from the Warriors. Despite Foster''s great scoring ability, he is undersized for every position he could possibly play in. Would have preferred the Warriors go for a more positional player, or simply go for size.

19. Davon McKay (Mexico City Jaguars (from New York Renegades))

McKay is a highlight reel and should provide some exciting garbage minutes, but even on the Jags, it''s unlikely he''s going to get much time early on.

20. Kane Thomas (Houston Lightning (from Las Vegas Scorpions))

Similar to McKay, there''s only so many minutes to go around. As a senior, Thomas is older and a bit wiser, and good shooter, so he could be good bench microwave for the Lightning, but he may get lost in the rotation.