Portland releases Amida "Meateater" Williams

  • By Tim Wallis, Day 1, 2022

PORTLAND - The Lumberjacks have released small forward Amida Williams a year before the expiry of his 2nd round contract, with sources within the organization pointing to a series of social media posts which ruffled some feathers within the team.

It started with a simple "lol" when commenting on a picture starting center Janev Ciszkiwicx posted of his mother and continued with an unflattering rear view snap of starting forward Jarvis McSwine captioned simply "porky". The final straw appears to have been a video uploaded to his youtube account that showed him dunking on and then tea-bagging 3rd string point guard Jax LaRose.

Williams was the Lumberjacks' selection in the one-off 3rd round of the rookie draft at #63 overall. He appeared in 19 games for Portland recording averages of 3.8ppg and 2.3rpg.