Bullets trade Strickland to the Barons

  • By Andrew Taylor, Day 1, 2022

BALTIMORE - The Baltimore Bullets front office, headed by GM Andrew Taylor, have just completed their second trade of the offseason.

After the trade between the Skyhawks and Dragons set the market for veteran point guard assistance a deal quickly came together between the Baltimore and Oklahoma City front offices.

The trade is as follows.
Baltimore sends Jamar Strickland and the Hurricanes 2023 2nd round pick

to Oklahoma City for Pick #16 and #34 in the 2022 draft.

Whilst GM Andrew Taylor is busy scouting the incoming draft class so he can best capitalize on his recently obtained assets he did release this short statement.

"Firstly, I want to wish Jamar all the best in Oklahoma City. He was a true professional this past season and set extraordinarily high standards for our playing group that will remain his legacy with this organization. However with his impending free agency and my inability this off-season to secure a third star to push the team towards contention we feel it is better to take a step back and accrue additional assets as we attempt to build a contender that can rival the ascendant Huskies in our conference. I apologize that I cannot make myself available to the press at this time, but I will ensure that I make the time to field any and all questions at the conclusion of our offseason."