Denver Gets Their Point

  • By Ken Walden, Day 1, 2022

DENVER - Front office sources confirm that a deal has been struck between Denver and St. Louis that will bring Skyhawk point guard Jevon Novak to the Denver Dragons. In return, Denver will send out center Mirko Blazevic, pick #33 in this year's draft, and next year's first round pick.

"We knew going into this offseason that Denver's first priority would be a point guard," said a local analyst. "That was their weak spot last year, which forced them to move Odell Bracey into the position. Denver goes into free agency with plenty of cap room, but are perhaps not an inviting location as a brand new team. The front office must have been worried that even with max offers they might not entice some of the best free agent points.

"Instead they pay a price to ensure getting their man. Novak is a strong offensive talent in his prime, who will allow Bracey to play his natural spot at the two. And offense is key, as the Dragons had one of the best defenses in the league last year but one of the worst offenses. They will prosper with a real point guard directing traffic, and with another offensive threat in the backcourt. Moreover, though the Dragons lose out on two picks and a good player, they now still have plenty of cap room and can go after other marquee players knowing they've already secured their biggest need. And maybe Denver will be a more intriguing spot for those players, knowing they have Novak on board."