Jevon Novak shipped to Denver

  • By Joe Weber, Day 1, 2022

ST LOUIS - After weeks of rumors, Skyhawks' All-Star Jevon Novak traded to Dragons for #33 this year (Portland's 2nd Round Pick), Denver's 2023 1st Round pick pick, and Mirko Blazevic.

After a few solid years including multiple playoff appearances and an all star birth the 'Hawks have given up on the flashy Novak and seem to be looking to get a bit younger.

The 28 year old former first pick overall has recently been playing the best basketball of his life, averaging over 23ppg the last two seasons and shooting a lights out 42% from downtown the last three seasons.

GM w7 was seen talking to Novak this morning and reportedly thanked him and told him he would be the franchise player on a young Dragons team where they have a ton of cap space this offseason.

W7 mentioned during the offseason coaches meeting they had decided to go with a more traditional pass first PG going forward to focus more on Mark Hunter's ability to score in the post, and more scoring balance in general.

Mirko Blazevic, an interesting prospect at 7’4, could play a role off the bench as a solid backup C.