Chicago Jailbirds Hire New GM

  • By Austin Simpson, Day 1, 2022


New Chicago Jailbirds GM Austin Simpson gave a statement to reporters today indicating his positive outlook for the upcoming season.

GM Simpson: First off I would like to thank the Chicago Jailbird organization for this opportunity. I have held GM positions in other leagues and look forward to this new and greater challenge. This is the perfect fit for me and I'm happy to be home in Chicago working for a great organization.

Reporter: How do you view this team and what is your goal?

GM Simpson: This team is in a great position to succeed. We have two cornerstone stars in Keydren Carter and Jason Cheaney. Along with Dameon Clarke, we have excellent veteran leaders who can bring Chicago a championship and that's the goal.

Reporter: Any changes you plan on making to the team right now?

GM Simpson: I'm still evaluating some of the roster. I will say I love the current structure, but there can always be improvements and I hope to explore those moves. One thing a lot of teams talk about is getting "younger and more athletic". We want to achieve that but in a sustainable way where we can still reach our goals. That's it for today. Thanks