Drayton Banks agrees to sign with LA

  • By Jron Magcale, Day 1, 2020

LOS ANGELES - The risk paid off for LA as Drayton Banks signs $19.5 Million for 3 Years (+ 1 Year Player Option) contract and will be ready to catch lobs from PG Chris LaCruz. Earlier in the FA, the Fireballs renounced their own top FA in SG Jamaine Curry to chase Banks, the move was dubbed as risky since Mexico City can offer more and Banks is a young PF coming off a career year in a thin bigs market.

However, GM Jron Grace was persistent to address a need and wants to contend next season in the East-West conference where rhey fell short vs The Rockets in the playoffs. The move pay dividends as they now will have an inside presence in Drayton Banks (finished with a double-double at MXC, 18/10). Los Angeles who is known to be a fast paced team will benefit with Banks presence as they will be able to utilize his lob catching skills more often especially on fast breaks.

"We are very happy that we were able to sign Dray, when we started the process it was a shot in the dark but he understood what we are trying to do here in LA. We wanted to contend and win. Everybody saw how close we were and with Dray in the fold, it will be a big leap. #RunLA."GM Jron Grace addresses the media.

Los Angeles has become significantly better with a budding star in Drayton Banks, a few more targets are in their scopes, but their main man has come aboard. Fireballs will be much more dangerous next season.