Mexico City Jaguars Season 2021

  • By Paul Grant, Day 199, 2021

Rookie Reporter: Thanks for joining me and allowing us to discuss Mexico City’s 2021 Season.

GM Grant: No Problem

Rookie Reporter: How do you rate The Jaguars 2021 season?

GM Grant: As a whole we are disappointed. Any season you don’t make the Playoffs is a disappointment but massive improvements have been made. This team won 32%, 33%, 35% and 39% of its games in the last 4 season. This season biggest disappointment was losing 12 of 13 games in the 2nd quarter of the season. Would of, Could of, didn’t but without that poor run we are right in the fight. We had some great wins against the JBLs elite teams but dropped too many games against expansion teams.

Rookie Reporter: You made a few adjustments to the roster. How do you rate those changes?

GM Grant: Yes we brought in Kai Navigato and Lonenzo Charles. Frustratingly it took the coaching staff too long to get the rotations correct and when they did it became obvious why we brought these players in. Over the last 10 games Lonenzo Charles averaged 20 pts, 4.0 assists and 1.4 steals. He went at 47.7% from the field including 38.7% from deep. Kai Navigato averaged 16.4 pts, 3.7 assists, 1.0 block and 6.7 Rebounds on 47.1% from the field including 36.0% from deep. Plus they played lockdown defence.

Rookie Reporter: But long time Jags fans have been venting on social media that the play of Antonio Vega and Ashley Winters really suffered while trying to integrate the new players.

GM Grant: Antonio Vega and Ashley Winters had great seasons

Rookie Reporter: Yes, but their production obviously dropped off Antonio Vega averaged 10 less points on a dismal 30% shooting and Ashley Winters barely averaged 3 pts and 3 assists over the later part of the season.

GM Grant: Well I have spoken to players and coaching staff and they have admitted mistakes were made. This will be fixed by training camp.

Rookie Reporter: You traded away what is now Pick 2 any regrets?

GM Grant: None!

Rookie Reporter: None?

GM Grant: We have a core group of players who we hope will be in Mexico City for years to come, we have our eye on a couple of players in the upcoming draft who we feel will complement our group perfectly. The high level talent doesn’t seem to be as strong this year but the overall talent goes deep. We are going for 2 for the price of one. (edit: will end up with 4)

Rookie Reporter: Will you be an active player in this year’s FA?

GM Grant: Absolutely

Rookie Reporter: Any area you will be focusing on?

GM Grant: Adding elite scoring will be one focus but senior members of the playing group have spoken about wanting Jamaal Adam let lose as the primary scorer. The main focus will be getting back in the gym to continue to work hard. Right across the playing list all players improved their game now we just have to add consistency to that improvement.

Rookie Reporter: What where the highlights for the season.

GM Grant: Kahlil Hooker’s unusual Triple Double 23 points, 23 Rebounds and 11 Turnovers. Akieem Martins 32 point, 21 Rebound game in a 1 point win over powerhouse Houston Lightning.

Rookie Reporter: Anything else you’d like to add?

GM Grant: Just like to say congratulation to all GM’s for an outstanding year. The JBL is an addictive beast.