Devils welcome Ohgeer back into the JBL

  • By Ed Latham, Day 1, 2020

ATLANTA - The Devils are pleased welcome a new GM to Atlanta. New may not be an accurate description because Ohgeer was once a GM in the league who just seemed to disappear a couple years ago. GM Ohgeer has returned to the JBL amid a number of questions from those around the organization. It is unclear if the Devils pushed Ohgeer to return or if Ohgeer decided to come back into the league for some reason of his own.

The press has had a hard time getting in touch with Ohgeer and even when cornered for a very brief questioning by a reporter, he only offered the following: "Look! My contract ran up with the Hurricanes in 2018 and I needed to take some time off. I had to ... well .. get better. I spent some time with a coach I have always idolized and I felt I now know what I need to do." When pressed for more details, Ohgeer only responded with some mumbling about "busy time of year", "have to assess who his team is", "no time for this ..."

One thing is clear. He has been burning the midnight oil in the facility grilling all staff and meeting with every player. Players interviewed after time with the new GM were cryptic and offered no specifics other than to share a common theme, "If it's not about basketball, I can't comment". One player, SG Sebastian Kidd, offered a silly face and a shrug and only muttered he was hoping to get more playing time this year.

The entire organization seems to be tight lipped about how things are going with their new GM. Fans are hoping find out how their team might look this year. It looks like we will all have to wait a bit longer to learn more because details out of Atlanta seems to be scarce this last week. This is strange with free agency already in swing.