Toronto Huskies stand pat

  • By Matt Wheeler, Day 125, 2021

TORONTO - The Toronto Huskies are having their best season sitting atop the Eastern Conference as the league enters the all-star break. This year success has come often for the young Huskies. With obtaining 41 wins this season, the Huskies have won more games this year than the last 3 seasons combined. With the team led by a solid starting 5 and strong bench play, the Huskies were rumoured to be trying to add some veteran depth and play making. With the trade deadline passing, no moves were made by the Huskies.

Per GM Matt, “I don’t want to mortgage the future of our young stars for 1 or 2 swings at a championship. I’d rather keep this core together for as long as possible and have an opportunity to compete for 5-6 years. We have one of the most dynamic collection of talents in one place. We have something special here and I’m really looking forward to this journey.”

Only time will tell how the young Huskies will finish the season, but one thing we do know is that the roster is set and ready for a playoff run