Mustangs Drop Salary... For Real This Time

  • By Joel Steelman, Day 120, 2021

DETROIT - In a move many probably DID anticipate, since the Mustangs GM, Joel, blundered a rule and pulled the trigger. The Mustangs have sent veteran backcourt specialist Rickey Douglas to the Fireballs in exchange for the Vipers 2022 2nd round and Fireballs 2024 2nd round picks and also welcome back Travon Fortune.

Joel was seen with his hands in his head mumbling to himself while sipping from a plastic cup, which could presumably be filled with gin. An opened Hendricks bottle was seen next to an unopened bottle of juice through his office window.

Reporters were shunned from his office, but a publicist issued the following statement

"Joel is in a state of embarrassment over his checking over and missing the pick 'tier' rule. He obviously did not like he missed it, but is glad something has worked out in the end. He still wishes Douglas success and has cautiously welcomed back Fortune going so far as telling him to 'prove his worth'."