Fireballs Acquired Veteran Rickey Douglas from Mustangs

  • By Jron Magcale, Day 120, 2021

LOS ANGELES - Just before the deadline hits, GM Jron pulled buzzer beating deal with the Mustangs that involved veteran combo guard Rickey Douglas who could be a solid addition to push for a playoff run. The 6'5" 14 year vet has been a solid outside shooter and clutch performer and most likely take the the role of Jamal Wilkinson last season where he will either come off the bench to provide much needed scoring from the outside or work on a small ball lineup that would be a familiar look from the Fireballs of old.

The deal is as follows:

Rickey Douglas SG/PG (Mustangs)


2022 2nd Round Pick (Vipers)
2024 2nd Round Pick (Fireballs)

"Well, Rickey has always been a player that we always look at and with his skill set and veteran experience he can very well be an asset for us. We needed to make a move to keep being competitive, we have some deals that fell through over the course of the season and I have talked to GMs about possible deals but sometimes the deals aren't there. I had the pleasure of working with GM Joel on this deal and we mutually agreed it would benefit the both of our teams as we move on." GM Jron said in a press conference.

With a hole in the front court the Fireballs failed to address, GM Jron shifted his focus on getting another veteran outside shooter to possibly work on their run and gun system that has been the team's signature since GM Jron took over a few seasons ago. It will be interesting how Rickey Douglas would fit in Los Angeles but regardless of age, Douglas is still a weapon for the Fireballs.

When asked if what can we expect with the Fireballs finishing the season, GM Jron smiled and just said "Run LA."