Mustangs Shed Salary

  • By Joel Steelman, Day 120, 2021

DETROIT - In a move many probably didn't anticipate, the Mustangs have send veteran backcourt specialist Rickey Douglas to the Fireballs in exchange for the Vipers 2022 2nd round and Fireballs 2024 2nd round picks.

The move drops the Mustangs salary to a more manageable value with two big FAs on the horizon. It also frees up their 2022 2nd round pick. However it drops the Mustangs to 11 players. The Mustangs have informed the league of their intentions of signing Tyshawn Nairn to a min one year deal for cover.

Commenting on the trade, Mustangs GM Joel said, "Rickey has been a good player for us and has provided us with depth and quality minutes of the bench. He will be missed come playoff time, but the current financial situation of the club required something to be done especially with the upcoming FA. I wish him well at the Fireballs."