2021 All-Star Teams announced

  • By The Commissioner, Day 120, 2021

2021 All-Star Teams


G Demetric Vaughn (Mustangs) 1,775,833
G Jamaine Curry (Cyclones) 924,773
F Keydren Carter (Jailbirds) 1,355,201
F Tezale Craig (Stars) 2,099,598 *led East voting
F Taquan Slattery (Devils) 1,892,495

G Jason Cheaney (Jailbirds)
G Tyson Kuberka (Hurricanes)
F Pace LaGarde (Mustangs)
F Jerome Bradley (Renegades)
F Alonzo Weaver (Warriors)
WC Reggie Fortier (Cyclones)
WC Darius Barry (Huskies)


G Chris LaCruz (Fireballs) 2,421,880 *led West voting and all voters
G Andre Phifer (Thunder) 2,125,552
F Marcus Ivory (Tritons) 1,023,338
F Dontay Sowder (Lightning) 1,968,443
F Kelvin Hawes (Knights) 2,094,612

G Rubin Wingfield (Rockets)
G Jevon Novak (Skyhawks)
F Drayton Banks (Vultures)
F Omar Grant (Scorpions)
F Isaiah Clarkson (Lightning)
WC Orpheus Swayda (Lightning)
WC Aaron Honeycutt (Knights)


  • Alonzo Weaver, Darius Barry, Drayton Banks, Isaiah Clarkson and Aaron Honeycutt all make their first appearance

  • Kaiama Nyambi was not selected for the first time in his career (since 2006), after 15 straight seasons, which was the longest streak in JBL history.

  • Orpheus Swayda makes his 12th appearance and 12th straight, now the longest streak. Tezale Craig is next with 10 straight appearances.