• By Barry Lolicht, Day 120, 2021

MIAMI - The Miami Cyclones announced that they have acquired center Kelvin Black from the Cincinnati Kings in a three way trade. The third team in the trade was the Mexico City Jaguars.

The Cyclones who held four first round draft choices in the 2022 draft, and two first rounders in the 2023 draft gave up a lot for Black. They gave up two 2022 first round picks and one 2023 first round pick plus Adam Booth and Tomas Bullard.

The trade in full is as follows:

The Jaguars receive the Mustangs 2022 first round draft choice, the Thunder 2022 first round draft choice and the 2023 first round draft choice from the Cyclones and the Kings 2024 first round draft choice from the Kings.

The Kings received the Jaguars 202 first round draft choice, the Bullets 2022 2nd round draft choice, the Jaguars 2024 2nd round draft choice and Davor Woolridge from the Jaguars, and Adam Booth and Tomas Bullard from the Cyclones.

The Cyclones received Kevin Black from the Kings.

Cyclones General Manager Logan Laser had been criticized for not improving the teams center position with a trade for some veteran centers who have been available such as Kaiama Nyambi and Rashard Stevens. Laser said that if he was going to deal from his surplus of first round draft choices he wanted a top center but non for a one year rental. Black is under contract for 3 more seasons. Laser also said that with it very much looking like none of the Cyclones first round picks in 2022 would be lottery picks the time to move in a trade was now.

The Cyclones lineup for the remainder of this season will feature a starting lineup of PG Josh Gamble, SG Jamaine Curry, SF Reggie Fortier, PF Tyree Chappell, and C Kelvin Black. The bench will be lead by firward Liu "Dragon" Jinghau, guard Lucious Barclay, and C Dzaflo Taybron.