Kings acquire Jaguars 1st round pick for Black

  • By Andrew Seitz, Day 120, 2021

CINCINNATI – The Kings today agreed to a three way trade with the Cyclones and Jaguars, trading center Kelvin Black to the Cyclones in exchange for a likely lottery pick from the Jaguars.

“Kelvin is a tremendous player and an even better person ,” said a team spokesman in a statement, “He was a leader on the floor and in the locker room. We struggled for months with the decision of whether or not to trade him to the many teams that wanted his services, but in the end we felt that the team would not be competing for a title until after his contract was up, and that our window for quality draft picks was now.”

The trade in full is as follows:

Jags receive: 2022 Mustangs 1st, 2022 Thunder 1st, and 2023 Cyclones 1st (all from Cyclones), 2024 Kings 1st (from Kings)

Cyclones receive: Kelvin Black (from Kings)

Kings receive: 2022 Jags 1st, 2022 Bullets 2nd, 2024 Jags 2nd, Davor Woolridge (all from Jags), Adam Booth and Tomas Bullard (from Cyclones)