Mexico City Jaguars trade announcement

  • By Paul Grant, Day 120, 2021

Mexico City Jaguars receive Mustangs 2022 1st Rd Pick, Thunder 2022 1st Rd Pick, Cyclones 2023 1st Rd Pick all via the Miami Cyclones, and Kings 2024 1st Rd Pick via the Cincinnati Kings.

Miami Cyclones receive Kelvin Black from the Cincinnati Kings.

Cincinnati Kings receive Jaguars 2022 1st Rd Pick, Bullets 2022 2nd Rd Pick, Jaguars 2024 2nd Rd Pick all via Mexico City Jaguars also Adam Booth from Cyclones, Tomas Bullard from Cyclones, Davor Woolridge from Mexico City Jaguars.

GM Paul Grant will be fronting the media at a later date to discuss all of Mexico City Jaguars recent moves.