Bullets send Kai Navigato to the Jaguars

  • By Andrew Taylor, Day 113, 2021

BALTIMORE - This afternoon the Baltimore front office completed trade discussions with the MXC Jaguars. These discussions, started last week, explored a range of offers until the teams settled upon the trade finalized today. The final deal is as follows

Baltimore sends
Kai Navigato and Lorenzo Charles

To the Mexico City Jaguars for
Jabari Warren, Tritons 2022 1st round pick and the Bullets 2023 1st round pick.

Whilst the Bullets GM will make himself available to the media in the coming days he did offer a short statement.

'Whilst both Kai Navigato and Lorenzo Charles are to be applauded for their contributions to the team this year as a front office we believe this offer was simply to good to refuse as we work to build a contender in the city of Baltimore.'