Kai Navigato and Lorenzo Charles heading to Mexico City

  • By Paul Grant, Day 113, 2021

MEXICO CITY GM Grant who has only just arrived back from an exhausting 4 week overseas trip has just announced he has reached a deal with the Baltimore Bullets that will bring young talent Kai Navigato and Lorenzo Charles to the Jaguars in exchange for their 2022 First Rd Pick (Tritons), 2023 First Rd Pick (Bullets) and Jabari Warren

GM Grant first spoke about the terrible decision to have to trade Jabari Warren who has been nothing but a professional in his time in Mexico City.

Then you could hear the delight in his voice when he announced Kai Navigato and Lorenzo Charles would be on their way to Mexico City. He added "Both players bring much needed depth at both SF and SG and their defense alone was worth making this deal happen."

Mexico City now have a likely 9 man rotation with the oldest player being Centre Akieem Martin at just 27 and could add to that youth with potential 3 more lottery picks over the next 2 years.

GM Grant finally thanked the Baltimore Bullets GM for again dealing with the Jaguars.