Fireballs Rep to Meet with FA SG Curry

  • By Jron Magcale, Day 1, 2020

LOS ANGELES - Star SG Jamaine Curry has reportedly in talks to meet with LA Fireballs representatives to see if they can talk about a possible contract. It has been a league-wide talk that Curry has misread the market when he opts out of the extension LA offered last season, looking for a much more greener pasture in the FA, with his talents and star power, it was a sure bet that someone would offer him max off the bat, but that is not the case.

Day 3 of the FA and the closest rumor of an offer sheet is from his former team who reportedly offered lower than their first offer as they gauge the interest on the market. The sweet shooting two-way guard has shown promise and was integral to the 7-game war vs Rockets in the playoffs. Although the chemistry of All-Star PG Chris LaCruz and Curry was undeniably strong, everyone was caught off guard when he opted out.

Now, Curry's situation has gone worse than what he expected, no offers in the table. If there are no money that will be available for him this season he will likely be a SG for hire and will look for a 1 and done contract elsewhere and try to cash in next season's FA and expansion. He can star somewhere for sure.

For now, his best bet is going back to LA and somehow recreate the magic he has there. LA is an exciting run and gun type of team that fits his game, he has the freedom there to shoot as well. JBL FA will sizzle more as we progress.