Defending champs trade two of last years title winners

  • By Anthony Duggan, Day 95, 2021

GM Phayd made this statement to the press -
"Although we have had an OK start this season it hasn't been as consistent as we were hoping for, some of the wins have been well fought, but our losses have been inconsistent. This ball club has hung its hat on Tezale Craig and one man does not make a franchise. We have looked at the team as a whole and decided a shake up was necessary to see us push for the playoffs this season and to allow us to build for the future."
"Losing Simon Hartford will be a blow but the kids we have coming up in his position are firing and pushing for more minutes. Bryant Rogers offers us a championship calibre centre and allows our promising forwards to take that leap."
"During the off season we fought hard to keep the 'Big 3' together and paid Antoine what he wanted to stay as part of that - Given how well Craig works in the wing position we feel we have put unfair limits on Antoine and hope that by trading him away he can reach his potential. In place of Antoine we are delighted to offer Cameron Nix the stage to work his magic from behind the arc. As a club we feel his ability to find that space and his spot up shooting will offer a better balance in our wings leaving Craig to simply do what he does."
"This move was about balance for this team and about building for the second half of this season and for the future."
"Any questions?"