Devils sign free agent SF

  • By Ed Latham, Day 86, 2021

The Atlanta Devils have signed SF Oliver Jacobs to a one year 10 million dollar contract. There were immediate eyebrows raised by the press as such a high price tag for any free agent at this time of the year. Ed Latham, GM of the team, was not available for comment but did share the following written response."

"Anyone who has been watching our games knows that we have players that are improving and playing their hearts out. At our SF position, we targeted over 5 different SF in FA this last year and were not able to land more than just a couple FA at all. If you look at the incredibly silly FA contracts that were signed this year, I don't know what all the fuss is about this one. Heck over half of the FA that are are stupid contracts this year probably are starting to feel guilty because their crappy performance has not even met up with the taxes they have to pay on those fat contracts.

Besides, we have players that are getting exhausted at SF and we need more bodies. We tired to make a few trades that make sense, but the needs of out team right now this year are quite different from other teams. We have a young, solid core that has already started improving this year to become an exciting bunch to watch. We will continue to work on ensuring that the quality of team play is increasing with every move we make. Mr Jacobs will immediately be in our line up and we have every faith that he will be able to provide what we need in a short period of time. We are happy to have him on board!"

Reporters were not the only ones with raised eyebrows at this move. The league officials have started looking at this situation and have already released comments that indicate this kind of late season, high priced free agent move may not be possible in future years. Of course, with the way free agency prices have inflated this last year and probably into this next free agent period, many speculate that the situation the Devils have been in financially this year probably will not occur again either.