Hurricanes hire New GM

  • By Tim McManus, Day 1, 2020

NEW ORLEANS - Tim McM has been named the new general manager of the New Orleans Hurricanes by the Hurricanes owner. He has an introductory press conference scheduled with the media to introduce him as the team's new general manager.

Introductory Press Conference
Saturday, Nov. 11th

Owner: First off, I want to thank everybody who has gathered here for a important day for our Hurricanes basketball program. I know its been a tough last few days for our organization as we have decided to make some changes in the front office, I want to thank our outgoing GM for his years here and wish him nothing but the best. Now, it’s time to find our new leader that will take these young men and lead them to victory. Please help me in welcoming our next General Manager, Tim McM.

Tim McM: I want to thank the Hurricanes ownership for believing in me enough to give me this opportunity. There is a lot of things I look forward to doing but my first goal is to build a team capable of winning a championship year in and year out. This is not going to be an overnight process so I ask that the fans of this great organization to please be patient. I think now I’m going to take a few questions from all the reporters that have decided to join us this afternoon.

ESPN: what is your vision for the team and goals going forth into this season and moving forward?

Tim McM: The ultimate goal is of course to win championships, having said that, I'm not looking to build a one hit wonder but instead build a team that competes for the championship each year.

N.O. Gazette: Do you anticipate making major changes to the roster?

Tim McM: Everyone will be evaluated and decisions will be made according to those evaluations. I believe we have a good core group of players but it must now be determined if they are the right core to take this team where it needs to be.

FOX SPORTS: Are you happy with the current coaching staff or are you planning on bringing in your own people?

Tim McM: As I said earlier, everyone will be evaluated and decisions will be made according to those evaluations. I will sit down with coach Pearce at some point soon and go from there.

N.O. Gazette: Free agency has started, will you be active in the free agency market given your late arrival to the Hurricanes?

Tim McM: Arriving late definitely puts us behind but we will be working hard to get things rolling to find ways to build this team. To conclude, I want to build a core group of players that will make the Hurricanes championship caliber for years to come. Thank you all for coming today.