Rockets Say Goodbye to Goodwin

  • By -, Day 50, 2021

AUSTIN - In a shocking development, the Rockets have traded SG Reggie Goodwin to the Baltimore Bullets. Some saw this as a possibility, but were not expecting it this soon in the season. GM ZPod4 told the media today that this trade will help the Rockets continue to compete today while helping to build a better future. One key aspect of this trade is that the Rockets are now below the $105 million cap penalty that would have taken away their 2022 1st round pick. The Rockets hope that the young players they are bringing in can help them compete right away in Nyambi's waning years.

Rockets trade SG Reggie Goodwin, PG Jason Barrett, and PF Owen Tasker to the Baltimore Bullets for SG Quinton Rice, PF Wesley Sherman, C Isaiah Foreman, and a 2024 Bullets 2nd round pick.