The Rockets Fail to Liftoff

  • By -, Day 35, 2021

With the largest salary in JBL, the Rockets were hopeful to be at the top of the Western Conference at this point in the year. While reiterating the Rockets 2 year plan to win now, GM ZPod4 had this to say, "We've started the season off slow, but as our younger players and bench start to gel, we should begin moving up in the Western Conference standings." The Rockets, currently in the 8th seed in the West only a .5 game ahead of Portland, must begin to question is it worth the cap penalties to be an 8th seed in this top heavy conference. Could the Rockets move SG Reggie Goodwin, who is in his last year of his contract, to acquire more pieces in preparation for a rebuild? There is also the possibility of moving long time Rocket SF Shandon James, who hasn't played up to his contract. The possibilities are endless and with Day 42 of the JBL season coming fast upon us and many players become available to trade, could we see a move by the Rockets? Only time will tell.