GM Phayd on the Opening 5 weeks

  • By Anthony Duggan, Day 35, 2021

First off let me thank the Nashville fans for the roaring welcome we have received since winning the championship. This has certainly had an impact on our opening 9 home games this season. The noise is lifting the players to great heights.
We worked hard in the off season to rebuild the championship side. First getting Antoine to commit to another couple of seasons with the side that brought him his first ring was a major coup to this ball club. The big three of Craig, Hartford and Peeler have really been sharing that load for a while now and you can see when the scoring from one drops off the other two pick up the slack - they really have a great link with one another and form the backbone of what we are trying to achieve.
TuPac has taken on greater responsibility this season, we knew we were likely to lose Joe as his backup in the Expansion draft and it's great to see our floor general sharing the ball around. What is he? 3rd in assists in the league at the moment? He has relished this opportunity.
The big missing piece of the puzzle was losing The Kaiser. He was definitely the piece last year that took a team that was challenging to a team that won the title. Again we knew we were going to lose him to retirement so it was essential that we found a solid replacement. Preye was always going to go for more money than our salary cap was going to allow so we took a chance in the draft with a young man from Wisconsin that many people had overlooked. Ivan had to step up to the starting spot at C for the start of the season but Ashton offers us a little more pace running the floor. That spot is still undecided though and you will probably see us chop and change depending on our opponents.
This is going to be a long season, the first most of these guys will have played with an 82 game regular season and although we are defending champs, pacing and running our bench is key to ensuring we are fit for the playoffs. There is still a lot more to come from Nashville.
Go Stars!