Season Over

  • By Rory Walker, Day 23, 2021

KANSAS CITY - We had hoped for the opportunity to make the playoffs this year after the injuries our players incurred last year -which took us out of the running.

However, with two starters that are unable to play we've realized that the our chances are very slim.

Hawes, our leading scorer, is out with a back strain for about three weeks. Price, our play-maker, is also out with bruised ribs. We're not sure if and when he'll be able to come back. We hope that they will return to their usual selves shortly.

We lost many of our early games this season by only a few points. This made me think that our players may not be comfortable with many new players on the team. The players need to get to know each other better, trust each other and work more cooperatively for our team to be successful.

While that is still our goal, we have to plan for the future of the franchise and that means rebuilding in light of what has happened.