Crusaders excited Coaches Optimistic as the hit the road.

  • By Hamish Jones, Day 1, 2021

BOSTON - After a successful training camp the Crusaders GM is rather bullish about the chances of his team as they arrive in Cincinnati for Game 2, their first game of the 2021 season. “Our team has really gelled together,” said Jones “and we’re really confident of starting off with a win.” He was effusive in his praise of their number 1 draft pick, Devon Harrell.

Top Crusaders Draft Pick Harrell really talked himself up when asked how he was looking forward to his first game. “The Kings won’t know what hit them,” Harrell said. “I had a great Training Camp and I am looking forward to showing fans what I can do. I’m just sad they don’t get to see it on our home court.”

GM Jones was also strong with his praise for Free Agency draft pick Damien Dukes. “Whilst Damien hasn’t reached his full potential yet,” said Jones, “we’ve seen his flashes of brilliance and we felt a change of scenery was what he needed. Damien’s offensive pressure at Training Camp was great to see and he will be starting for us tomorrow.”

Alonzo Traylor will be starting at Centre tomorrow. As one of the senior players in the expansion team, Coach Jackson is looking for a physical presence from Traylor. “He’s one of the elders of the team,” said Jackson, “one of our strongest players. He’s not the fastest on the court but he’ll protect the rim and is a solid defensive rebounder. He’s also an important mentor for some of our younger players.

Kyle Northwood brought his strong work ethic with him over to the Crusaders. He showed throughout the team’s Training Camp that we can expect improvement from him this Season. He’s sure to fill the Crusader’s highlights reel.

The real surprise packet from the Training Camp was youngster Kareem Gaines, picked up from the Hurricanes. He showed more improvement than anyone throughout the weekend and really pleased the Coaches. “He’s first in the gym and last to leave,” said Assistant Coach James Smith, “he puts in a fantastic effort.” His noted work ethic and the amount of work he’s put into improving his game has earned Gaines a spot in the starting lineup for the Crusaders first game.

The projected starting lineup is:

PG - Devon Harrell
SG - Kareem Gaines
SF - Damien Dukes
PF - Kyle Northwood
C - Alonzo Traylor