Fireballs showing huge interest in Drayton Banks

  • By Jron, Day 1, 2020

LOS ANGELES - The Fireballs have shown great improvement for their 2019 campaign surpassing expectations and battled for division lead (2 games behind the eventual leader Rockets). Lead by All-Stars Chris LaCruz and Jordan Carstensen the flashy duo showed what LA basketball should be the addition of firecracker SG Jermaine Curry increases their chances for a good playoff run who took the Rockets 7 games before bowing down to the reigns of Kaiama Nyambi.

Aftert the season GM Jron Grace said that they need to find the solution on their weak inside game. The Fireballs relies heavily on their 1,2 and 3 which resulted on being abused inside older statesman C Tahric Kimbrough and slow and steady C Vlad Dvoracek can't solve their inside problems as well as Robert Weekes (who was later shipped alongside Akua Frazier and a 1st rd pick for the unhappy SG Curry) and stretch 4 Stoy Vitas.

That brings their attention to the free agency. The word around LA is Fireballs GM Jron Grace is big on filling up a need and his eyes are set on MexIco City PF Drayton Banks who might leave MXC and test Free Agency although with that being said it would jeopardize their own FA SG Jermaine Curry who put up All-Star numbers finishing the season but didn't commit to an extension.

If ever the players would command max contracts, theoretically LA can offer both players offer sheets but it would be a punch in the moon to land both. Money talks in the Free Agency, LA can only offer so much, that and the fact that LA is a playoff team with potential can't be enough to sway PF Drayton Banks to catch lobs from LaCruz.

It will all goes down on what Mexico City plans with the PF. Aside from he obvious Banks + Curry on LA's list, LA also looking at swingmen Pace LaGarde, Reggie Goodwin and notably some notable veteran bigs in Kaiser Andersen, Orien Young and Valentino Marley.