Pittsburgh about to explode

  • By Damien Arnold, Day 1, 2021

Sports Illustrated
With the Vipers about to hit the court for seem 'real;' action, the City has seemingly already taken the team to their heart.

We spoke briefly to GM Damo about the new basketball year and his love of the mighty Steel City

SI Thanks for your time Damo. When offered a spot in the league you were salivating at the chance to take on Pittsburgh?

Damo: I love this City. It expects excellence, and delivers time and time again. I am so happy that the Vipers, in time, will sit alongside the Steelers, Penguins and Pirates as a champion franchise.

SI And how was the City responded to date?
Damo: I could not be more happy with the support of Pittsburgh. From the press coverage, corporate support and, most importantly, public support we already feel the love.

SI: And draft strategy?
Damo: Look it was interesting. Even entering into the draft we were a little undecided on our approach. Having a pick outside top 10 brought challenges and we wanted to see what round one would bring.
Getting Hill was a dream! At that time we decided that we were now in the game and the question was how could we pick up a team that was capable from year one. I think we have succeeded and enter into the year with a really good balance.
Like all of Pittsburgh we want success, we want wins and we want to compete. This team can to do that.

SI: And free agency?
Damo: Free agency took us by surprise. Our bids were clearly not enough amongst the crazy bids. While disappointed not to land another big fish, we have plenty of ongoing salary room and look forward to seeing our young kids develop.

SI: And as you take the court, how will you be feeling?
Damo: I am pumped. Love my team, love my coaches, love my city. The stadium will be pumping and I can not wait to see it.

SI: Good luck for the season.